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Mae Berlingeri

M. Angeli

I was born in San Juan Puerto Rico and spent the first years of my life as an army brat.  I attended university in the U.S and received my BA from Smith College.  I worked in Banking for four year and then attended Law School.  All along sketched, cooked, sawed, designed and planned art projects.

After a family tragedy, I changed careers.  My family founded and worked on a program for families and people living with AIDS.  I taught in Law School, painted murals, catered and attended the local Art League.  I became a member of their Board and worked on Installations.  I served as a curator at La Casa del Libro, one of the most exquisite rare book museums in America.

My art, is an expression of the turbulent soul contained in my now suburban existence. Painting and poetry are needs, not pastimes.  In Puerto Rico I lived in a 400-year-old house and within artists and bohemians.  It was a different reality— locals, foreigners, tourists, rich and poor—we lived within a square mile surrounded by water on three sides.  There were no seasons, except for the rainy one… Being creative there was like breathing.

I am in the process of reinventing my creative world, exploring themes and concepts… looking for and gathering air.  This exploration has taken me to two interesting extremes – paintings inspired by Latin American folkloric art and paintings examining the obvious and not so obvious in nature—the nature that is common to the land of my family roots and my new home.  It is thus, that I find myself examining icons and iconography alongside Nests.

As a Latin-American practicing Catholic, I grew up with Icons everywhere,  Right or wrong, icons where there to show our way of life, and to remind us of how to live our lives.  However, more secular icons have been invading our lives -- my life.  Many, are just symbols of our consumerist society or just icons of self-indulgent pleasures.  Some are just status symbols.  Unfortunately, at some point we can all become victims of this adoration of secular icons. The first works shown here may be seen as a progression -- starting with my Madonna’s and culminating with the Holey One—a definitively more modern rendition of an Icon.

With regards to my second series, as an artist I have been observing nests and painting and writing about them for the last ten years.  The delicate intricacies of nests have captivated me as the ultimate reflections of our souls.  Finally, sometimes words becomes nest for our ideas…..

Enjoy my work….. M. Angeli

I am now in Dublin, Ireland. A creative fascinating and underestimated place.  Even the locals underestimate it.  Its beautiful, the temperature is always agreeable.  They have seasons but not a terrible winter, and although it rains, it still rains here less than it does in Puerto Rico.  So as far as I am concerned its perfect.  The people are friendly and there seems to be space for everything and everyone. 


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