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Painting, teaching, cooking and researching are at the top of my  passions list.  Reading, writing and people are very close to the top.  My interests and topics may vary from religion to politics, from sports to antique collecting.  From gossip to philosophy.  I guess one could say I specialize in knowing and discovering as much as possible.  I question it all, I analyze it all.  Life is too short to waist time  in only one thing and doing only that which we were trained in.  The search for more and more information and knowledge will only leave me the day I am no longer in this body.

Rereading my last paragraph I sound more like a kid applying to college.  Well I am a college applicant in the  body of a 50 something  young woman.   I never abandoned my college dreams… I have just pursed them all and then some. 

Now I am venturing into a whole new frontier, cyberspace and my own website.  In Mae’s world I will share my art and my thoughts.  I will provide interesting links were you will be able to purchase my art and other artists.

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